What is W.O.E?

Women of Excellence is a non-profit, faith-based, 12-month reentry program dedicated to breaking the cycle of women returning to prison, leaving their children behind, and abandoning drug related lifestyles. The mission is to provide refuge to women seeking life change through residential discipleship programs, and temporary housing for participants. There tools will provide these women to address the issues that led to their self-destructive behaviors. Women of Excellence is committed in assisting women in functioning independently and re-entering society, successfully.

W.O.E INC. provides the tools necessary to address the issues that have led women to incarceration and other destructive behaviors and environments (such as drug abuse and abusive relationships). The agency links with organizations with services to tailor to the needs of each of woman. W.O.E. INC. has partnered with the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles (PAP).


Through this Faith Based Initiative Program, W.O.E has been able to house hundreds women during their transition back into society, many have graduated from the program, leaving with a place of their own to stay, a support system, and a job to secure themselves. If you are a woman, 18 years or older, and in need of an environment that will help you restore yourself in true image of God, contact us at woeinc.org.

Hello, We Are Women of Excellence

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19 year old. Born in New York, raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Ariel participates in inmate mentoring across the state of Georgia. Ariel has a heart for helping those in need, creating curriculum and forming communities that deal with the well-being of those who are forgotten in society. 


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